Top 5 Food You Can Buy for $30 In Geylang Serai

geylang serai

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Contrary to what people said about not getting enough food for $30, we decided to go out there and make it happen. The first thing when we enter the bazaar, we saw stall called Fish Tenggiri Otah. It sells 6 otah at $3 and 2 sticky rice at $3. The taste was a little bit different compare to the normal otah. This otah has this distinct flavor where the fish taste was quite strong yet not smelly at the same time.

Total spent: $6

Further ahead, we got ourselves a drink at 555 where they sell milk tea of different flavors. There are original milk tea, rose milk tea and green matcha milk tea. The cost can be vary for different sizes. 500ml sells at $1.50, 700ml sells at $2.00 and 1 litre sells at $3. So as what normal human being would do, we bought the 1 litre at $3!

Total spent: $9

Thinking that all those are not enough and we still have a lot of spare change, we head to this stall that sells briyani dum for only $6. You can choose either chicken or mutton. All up to you. We chose the mutton as we love the unique taste compare to the chicken.

Total spent: $15

After our first session(Brenda is still hungry), she decided to head over to Praffles where they have hybrid waffles that are of waffle and prata. If you do not what is prata, it is a bread delicacy in Singapore and Malaysia(they called it roti canai). The cost? A whopping $10.90.


Total spent: $25.90

With $4.10 left, we decided to head over to 555 again for the milk tea as it taste super great. Not too sweet and easily go down your throat. To our surprise, the boss of 555 decided to gave us 2 drinks to us for free! Yes free! So even though it is free, we calculated it into our cost and it’s only $3 for 2 500ml drinks.

Total spent: $28.90

So, is it possible to spend less than $30 and yet be full? Yes definitely possible in my opinion!

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