The Best Vlogging Camera 2019

Canon M50











  • Light-weight and compact
  • 4k Resolution
  • Dual-pixel Autofocus
  • User-friendly
  • Sturdy


  • Small range of lenses
  • 4k Mode has 1.6x crop factor

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Canon M50 Best Vlogging Camera

Are you a youtuber or vlogger looking for the best camera in the market? The camera in your laptop may not help you create quality videos. You should consider investing in a standalone camera that boosts the quality of your content. The best vlogging camera should be able to capture video in high resolution and have features that simplify your work. This defines the capabilities of Canon M50. Find out more!

What is Canon M50 camera?

This is an entry-level vlogging camera that is powerful and versatile. The device contains different features that perform specific functions. It is an interchangeable lens camera that you can use to shoot videos and take pictures.

What are the features of Canon M50?

External microphone port

If you value good quality sound, this vlogging camera is for you. On the left part of its body, it features, and external microphone port as well as a hot shoe that increase its versatility. The position of the microphone port may, however, obscure your view as you try to shoot since it is located around the areas where the screen flips out.


Unlike other models, Canon M50 has a big APS-C sensor which makes it convenient to shoot even in low light conditions. The sensor makes it easy to focus on images. The best vlogging camera should have good autofocus. Canon contains good dual-pixel autofocus which improves its performance when capturing videos.  It is also a versatile camera with the ability to adapt to various shooting conditions since it provides room for additional lenses.

4K recording

The best vlogging camera should not compromise on video resolution. Canon M50 can capture video in 4k. This assures you that your views receive video in the best quality. The problem with its 4k mode is that it makes the lens appear longer than in other cameras due to its crop factor.

Touch screen and slow motion function

The 3-inch articulated screen allows you to shoot videos at different angles. It provides you with touch focusing flexibility and enables you to pull focus when recording. Feel free to shoot videos in slow motion thanks to the built-in slow-motion function.  Canon M50 also comes in a compact design that increases portability.

What are the merits and demerits of Canon M50?

This mirror-less camera is light-weight and compact. The ability to capture videos in 4k makes it deliver excellent quality. It also contains a fully articulated touchscreen and has reliable dual-pixel autofocus. Most vloggers consider it the best since it includes numerous features that make it user-friendly.

It also feels sturdy, and it is designed to withstand abuse. Its decent size and numerous features make it ideal for filmmaking. The problem with this camera is that the EM-F lenses offer a small range. Its 4K video mode also comes with a crop factor of 1.6x. This means that when you are using the 4K mode, the images appear to be zoomed. Apart from the few limitations, Canon M50 remains the best vlogging camera due to its amazing features and capabilities.

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