Singapore Sitex Show, Singapore’s Long-Running Consumer Electronics Fair

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Singapore Sitex Show, Singapore’s Long-Running Consumer Electronics Fair

Sitex is Singapore’s long-running consumer electronics fair. This is an extraordinary event where consumers and shoppers can purchase, live an exclusive and try some of the states of the art technologies and products in the market.

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Not just do they have the usual IT items, monitors, laptops, as well as computer accessories, there will also be smart home systems showcase for shoppers to get a good idea of a revolutionary high-tech lifestyle.

Sitex is one of the biggest and most popular electronic exhibitions in Singapore, offering clients all types of technology items at best possible prices. Savvy consumers and IT geeks in Singapore and other countries are often waiting for these annual events to purchase their wanted and most preferred gadgets.


  • Selling consumers electronic products at reasonable prices: SITEX provides shoppers with great chances for IT products at remarkably discounted prices. Some of the items at this event are sold with lower prices opposed to same products at other stores or places.
  • Many Free Gifts are Offered: Aside from huge discounts, SITEX also supplies useful and beautiful giveaways from sellers such as wireless comp mouse devices, USB thumb drives, screen protectors, webcams as well as mobile phone accessories. Ask sale reps for more gifts when making a purchase.
  • Some of the electric products on offer during this event includes computers and tech gadgets such as desktop, laptop, printer, scanner, mobile phone,  photocopier, projector, tablet, camera speaker, home theatre system, , DSLR, camera lens, mp3 player, gaming console, mp4 player, hard drive, power bank, software, thumb drive,  and many others.
  • Home appliances are also offered including LCD and LED TV, home theatre system, Blu-ray player, DVD player, amplifier, receiver, karaoke system, and many others.
iPhone XS Max at SITEX 2018

SITEX is amazing annual evens to catch up with the newest technology. The latest and newest innovative products are extensively introduced at this exhibition by big companies such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Toshiba, Dell, Sony, Asus, HP, LG, Panasonic, Canon as well as Nikon. For IT geeks, come to see a lot of things interesting there.

This event not only beneficial to shoppers but exhibitors as well, with the new startups, the exhibitors can explore the services which the startups have to give and how it can shape their companies in the end with the newest trends in technology.

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The exhibitors can increase brand awareness by showcasing their newest products, technology as well as value-added perks to their target audience. What is more, they can test market reactions to new launches of products and obtain feedback about the products in direct communication with their possible consumers.

SITEX is a Digital Playground whereby it provides more than just IT products; it also embraces the lifestyle facet whereby consumers can speak about in their lives. At these thematic zones, shoppers will be able to experience and take on in the observed zones with the thrilling commencement in all zones!

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