Is GOVO the Best Badge Holder?













  • Made of Aluminium
  • High Durability
  • Professional Vibe
  • Eye-Catching Design
  • Won't Scratch Easily


  • Limited Color Option

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GOVO Badge Holder and Wallet are considered to be one of the world’s best functional and durable badge holder and wallet. It was designed and made in Cleveland, Ohio.

When it comes to the number of items that people need to carry with them every day, we often come to the answer to having a wallet, phone, and the keys. There is actually one thing we can always carry but we neglect most of the time, which is the ID badge that we give the least importance for many reasons including the inconvenience of carrying it and using it for work, and none of today’s product has a good solution, from there, the makers of GOVO Badge holder set a goal in creating a wearable device that brings a lot of good experience and can be used not only as a badge holder but also for multiple functions to simplify items that people carry every day.

The construction of the GOVO Badge Holder and Wallet came from the inspiration of the gears that our military carries with them, and that requires durability as well as lightweight, and versatile, which were used by GOVO as the three key principles in keeping them in every step to develop this badge holder.

When it comes to its design, the GOVO Badge Holder and wallet, people want it to be super durable for everyday use, there are many reasons why people choose polycarbonate as the main material used for its first version of the GOVO Badge Holder that was introduced in the market and earned huge popularity to a lot of users.

Polycarbonate, just so you know, is a very durable strong type of plastic which is 40-percent stronger than an ABS plastic material that is hugely used on many products. It can endure higher and colder temperatures compared to other plastic materials, however, it is more expensive than the rest of the other materials, but it does not sacrifice quality and durability after GOVO tested it through several situations where it can carry 20-pounds of weight with the front and back covers are made from pure polycarbonate while the clip, the screw, as well as the spring are made from steel to ensure that everything that comes with the entire badge holder and wallet is strong enough to last for years.

The GOVO Badge Holder and Wallet can hold up to four cards and it has a securing system that holds the card tightly and securely whenever it is loaded with only one card or the maximum capacity.

To learn more about GOVO Badge Holder and Wallet, here are some important key points from about this product outlined below so take time to read.

  • This badge holder can work and hold with different types of badges
  • It is flexible, rigid as a proximity card badge holder.
  • You can position it horizontal or vertical depending on your preferred orientation or position of your badge holder.
  • It has the appropriate height and width that is ideal to fit your badge size and the outside dimensions of it.
  • It can hold up to four cards even your money.

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